Poltrona - Narciso

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Handmade wood armchair , painted by hand. Printed eco-friendly leather cover
It has been made by shifting a painting into a design object.

this work is dedicated to our narcissist side. Everyone wants to be someone but what they should aim to is being themselves.

In the beginning everyone used to look at them selves close to the sea, and when they looked at that blurred reflections, they could doubt. They could think that the sea was ugly. But since you arrived, all the doubts are not valid anymore and people think that maybe they better go back to the seaside, where at least they can blame it on the sea. Some use you to praise themselves, other to brag, some others look for a dialogue that will never be real; some others surprised by what they see, use you to dream. Don't you do like the man of the legend, Narciso, who kept staring at his reflection until he slipped in the water and drowned. Also because if we slip on it, it breaks down and there are seven years of bad luck . So guys I'm telling you, forget what you see. The real beauty is yours, not a mirror.



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