Persol - Life is Childish

Francesco Cuomo Conteporary artist

pesrol conteporary artist francesco cuomo conteporary art a work of persol

I have created this conteporary artwork, which is dedicated to children, because art should be childish; it shouldn’t be decidebly technical concept. It’s something that should always be born from the heart. Children are the essence of passion, but most of all, of simplicity and spontaneity. I always, always further this concept in my Art.

It has been very moving to create a work with such passion and love, thinking about children, and it has clearly made me joyful to do this for Persol, because it is an italian brand, italian like me, but most of all because the history of Persol is full of great passion; this has made everything even more exciting.

Conteporary artwork acrilics on canvans 150 x 130 Life is childish

a work of persol conteporary artwork conteporary artist francesco cuomo conteporary art

This work is a metaphor for life, represented by two children who move forward, immersed in the infinity of the universe: both impersonate the concept of freedom! one lives it more naturally, through her own creativity, a product of her being a child, overshadowed in the painting by the free and fluttering flight of balloons; the other……lives in a more constructed and calculated world, which is shown…by the “inmate’s” uniform, and most of all by the wheel, held by a bird without legs, but still reaching out towards a world created by children, strength and hope for humanity! the first child feels like the master of the earth, to the point that she spontaneously holds it tight in her hands…in an atmosphere between a dream and cheerfulness, a feeling highlighted by many colorful and bright elements, like the sun…the man and the martian, stretched out together peacefully under the same umbrella! the other appears destined to take an already-decided path, more controlled and….maybe less happy…..dominating over everything, imposing and positive, is the outline of an elephant, a piercing symbol of that tradition that roots sink firmly into….every experience, search, conquest that we are involved in………

who am i, in your opinion?
remember that life should always be childish….

Francesco Cuomo conteporary painter 


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