Progect of conteporary artwok by Francesco cuomo conteporary artists presented in Expo Milano2015 - Title -The ants -

expo 01

In occasion of the attendance at the Expo in Milan (2015), the space reserved to the Campania region by the Eataly pavillion, Caffè gioia presents the last work of the conteporary artist Francesco Cuomo: "The ants". There are four subjects: the ants and the coffee. Four are the identificative elements: the moka, the coffee pod, the capsule and the small cup representing the evolution of the coffee making: from the classik moka to the newest coffee pods,represented as a  flying saucer, because "Martians too fall in love with the taste of Italian coffee"; last but not the least, the coffee much that keeps being the only thing to enjoy a coffee. The claim is "So much effort...only for the joy of a coffee!" and it wants to represent both the idea of the phisical effort for a man and his passion. Two elements that have always marked us Italians when it comes to making big things. Effort, passion, dedication: quality elements! Caffè Gioia will present in the months coming, a serie of Francesco Cuomo's objects and his "art to live" in cooperation with Whitepaper Design studio.

Ceffè gioia and conteporary artist Francesco Cuomo, a cooperation meant to last for a very long time.

The coffee maker


expo milano caffe gioia coffe maker conteporary artwork conteporary artist francesco cuomo

The small cup

expo milano caffe gioia small cup conteporary artwork conteporary artist francesco cuomo.jpg


the capsule

expo milano caffe gioia capsule conteporary artwork conteporary artist francesco cuomo.jpg


the coffee pod

expo milano caffe gioia coffe pod conteporary artwork conteporary artist francesco cuomo.jpg


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